Three glasses of wine a day will save you from Alzheimer's disease?

Three glasses of wine a day will save you from Alzheimer's disease?Although there are data about the relation of moderate alcohol consumption with a reduced risk of dementia, most of these of these studies were conducted in Europe. Therefore, it is unclear whether the same pattern and in older Americans, the culture of alcohol which may be different from the European. Dr. Richard Mayo and his colleagues at Columbia University in new York analyzed data from nearly thousands of elderly residents of Manhattan in the period between 1991 and 1996 In the beginning of the study cases of dementia have been identified. Over the next 4-year period, 20% of them developed Alzheimer's disease. Compared with nondrinkers, the risk of disease in the drink up to three glasses of wine per day was lower by almost two times. Consumption of other alcoholic beverages do not have the same effect against Alzheimer's disease. During further analysis, the researchers found that the obvious benefits of consuming wines was observed only in men, not bearing svjazanny with Alzheimer's disease ApoE allele e4. However, given the potential risks associated with alcohol, and the fact that the study was conducted in the form of observations, recommendations about the use of alcohol should not be based on these results, say the authors. Even if the true protective effect exists, the ability of wine to help prevent Alzheimer's Disease may lead to an increased risk of other diseases.".

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