Died an American, asking the liver using billboards

Died an American, asking the liver using billboardsDied 32-year-old American, whose family was looking for a liver for transplantation using all media, and outdoor Billboard advertising, the Associated Press reports. The Toda of Krampitz (Todd Krampitz) in may 2004 he was diagnosed with liver cancer, and in July, the doctors announced that he will save him only the transplantation of a donor organ. The official queue to wait for a very long time - in the United States every day need a transplant about 70 patients, and 16 of them die waiting for a suitable organ. That is why the family decided to take a desperate step, which was crowned with success. In August last year, the family of one of the dead Americans were allowed to use the liver for transplant todo. The operation was successful, but after 8 months of Krampitz died, and it remained unclear was whether the death was a consequence of post-transplant complications, or did the trick liver cancer. Recall that the family of Krampitz was harshly criticized, the representative of the United database of donor organs (United Network for Organ Sharing), engaged in the official selection of donors, Annie Moore (Annie Moore) said that such action would put Todd and other 17471 person needing organ transplants, in unequal conditions. Mednovosti.ru.

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