Farmers sell their own organs for transplantation

Farmers sell their own organs for transplantationFarmers sell their own organs for transplantation Poverty pushes peasants of Pakistan to sell their organs for transplantation. Only in one area of the city Sargodha (Punjab province) registered 400 cases of such transactions, the newspaper "UNV". The country has a strict law that prohibited to use the bodies of dead people, because it violates the canons of Islam. But such restrictions have long since been lifted in several Muslim countries. Doctors and progressive public of Pakistan look to the future government, which must be formed within a week demanding urgent ban on transplantation "bought" bodies. Meanwhile, according to official data, almost 40% of Pakistan's population lives below the subsistence minimum, i.e., has less than $30 per month per person. Source: RIA "Novosti"".

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