EU trade of donor organs will be fully prohibited

EU trade of donor organs will be fully prohibitedThe European Parliament began considering a new bill providing for the introduction of additional restrictions on the commercial use of donor organs. If it is adopted, the trade of donor organs within the European Community will be completely stopped. According to the current laws, the sale of donor organs in the territory of the EU is considered a crime for which bear the punishment is punishment and the seller and the buyer. However, the existing legislation does not prevent European citizens to acquire the necessary bodies abroad. As a consequence, many require transplantation of people make a deal in India or China, and then return to their home country to undergo surgery. The new bill will have to cover up this "loophole". In addition, under the new law, criminal prosecution will be subjected and health professionals involved in transplantation illegally obtained body. It is assumed that the consideration of the bill will be completed by early 2004. РђskDoktor.

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