Closed all schools in Greece

Closed all schools in GreeceClosed all schools in Greece Today in Greece by order of the Ministry of health because of the threat of an epidemic of an unknown disease are closed all educational institutions. How long will last this quarantine is still unknown. The Ministry appealed to the public with an appeal not to panic, to avoid crowded gatherings indoors and carefully observe the rules of personal hygiene. The reason for such emergency measures was the threat of the spread of an unknown virus that causes interruptions in the work of the heart and possible death. However, according to the head of the Ministry of healthcare Alex Papadopoulos, all educational institutions are closed only in a purely preventive purposes." The solution is matured after before another 13 people were hospitalized with symptoms of inflammation of the heart muscle. However, it is difficult to name just prevention desperate attempt to prevent the further spread of the disease, which has already died three people. The total number of patients across the country from April 18 already reached 32 people. However, local authorities are not inclined to see in the current epidemic. Yet. Under assumptions of experts, the cause of the disease was a virus Koksaki, which causes flu-like symptoms and a rash and fever. Without treatment people die from heart weakness. The test results, the doctors expect to receive today. Virus Koksaki (Coxsackie) is the name of the city where it was first identified in 1948. In adults it causes only minor discomfort, infants can cause serious breathing problems, inflammation of the heart membranes or meningitis, especially if the infection occurred in utero. Source:

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