Red wine can help prevent the development of lung cancer

Red wine can help prevent the development of lung cancerA glass of red wine is an excellent preventative measure from lung cancer, say the authors of the study published in a specialized journal Thorax. According to the study, the incidence of lung cancer in men who regularly drink red wine, 13% lower than those who do not drink. The study was conducted by members of the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1999-2000 among patients suffering from lung cancer, and patients with less severe disease requiring surgical intervention. Participants, most of whom were men older than 60 years, and extensively questioned about their habits, exercise and diet preferences. None of the individual (the experiment was conducted in Spain) indulged in wine, but in the group of patients with cancer red wine preferred the third, the second group of lovers of red wine was more than half. Drinking pink wine and other alcoholic beverages does not affect the frequency and the development of cancer, and white wine, apparently, has the opposite effect, say the authors of the study, according to which the beneficial effect of red wine due to the presence therein of Tonino possessing properties of antioxidants.

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