Thais have died of laughter in his sleep

Thais have died of laughter in his sleepThais died in his sleep from laughing. The driver of the van, resposive ice cream, Damnoen Saen Mind, 52 years old, was asleep at home and suddenly, as told by his wife, Luan, started to smile, then laugh is louder and louder. He laughed until his heart stopped. Local Newspapers Loing said that was awake at this time, as she was awakened by a knock on the door in the middle of the night. When she decided to find out who is knocking and opened the door, there was nobody there. The headman of the village, Muang, where did this mysterious case, says that among the peasants began to spread rumors that Damnoen the devil came to collect his soul. As Damnoen lived correctly and was a good man, the devil was allowed to die him happy. However, the doctor Somsak Wantoning invited to witness the fact of death, believes that Damnoen refused heart: a heart attack can cause increased oxygen consumption during laughter. However, he was puzzled that before Damnoen never complained of heart problems, and generally had very good health. "Never been faced with such cases," says the Deputy head of the Department of psychotherapy hospital, Phrae, Somchai Charabang, but in principle, people can die due to cardiac arrest if it is too intense to laugh or to cry in my sleep". RBC.

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