Turkey and Romania infected with a deadly flu

Turkey and Romania infected with a deadly fluThe European Commission confirmed that in Turkey found deadly human strain of avian influenza virus. Now experts are trying to find out what strain struck the bird in Romania. This was announced at a press conference in Brussels, the head of Department of the European Commission on matters of health, Markos Kyprianou. Today, the Iranian authorities reported that in the West found thousands of dead wild ducks. Samples for avian influenza taken, but no. In the Turkish sample was confirmed extremely dangerous H5N1 strain. It is from this species of avian influenza in Asia have died more than 60 people. The head of the EU Commission on health Markos Kyprianou said that there is a direct link between the virus has been detected in Turkey and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the analyses carried out by representatives of the European Union and the Romanian veterinarians showed that ducks from the Danube Delta is also infected with avian influenza. When tests received a positive reaction to the virus H5, confirmed the Romanian vet ion Agafitei. PREDSTAVITEL EU stated that it is unclear whether the virus is found in Romania the same dangerous strain of H5N1. Experts continue to conduct analyses. One way or another, but this is the first case of avian influenza in Europe. The European Union has banned the export of poultry and poultry products from Romania, where fear of the spread of the virus destroyed thousands of domestic birds. Ukraine imposed a ban on import of poultry products from Romania and Turkey on October 10. Mandatory inspection of hand Luggage at the border of the States, which recorded avian influenza, disinfection wheels cars. In addition, it may be limited hunting bird. In October 2004, the H5N1 strain of avian influenza was detected in migratory birds on the territory of Russia. Less dangerous variety of avian influenza A was discovered in Russia in 2005, after which it was destroyed 120 thousand birds and quarantine announced in the Novosibirsk region. Radio "Freedom"".

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