Baboons help fight belly

Baboons help fight bellyDo not over-nutrition and lack of physical activity causes obesity and diabetes in those who are predisposed to this condition, according to the gerontology from the University of St. Louis. The researchers also found that the fat animals do not necessarily have the high cholesterol - it can mean that problems with cholesterol and obesity are caused by different mechanisms. William banks according to a study claims that people are fat not because they eat too much, and that do not spend all get calories. He and his colleagues studied the patterns of nutrition and physical activity in wild baboons in East Africa. One of the groups had to find food to make long journeys. The second group found a place where food reserves stored people are much closer to their places of habitat, which meant that concerns about the bread they spent much less calories. The fat content and caloric intake in both groups was about the same. After some time, a third of baboons fed stolen from people who have any signs of obesity, diabetes and increased cholesterol levels. At the same time, the majority of recipients "light" foods (7 of 11) did not plump, thereby demonstrating that some primates are more sensitive than others to the conditions that contribute to obesity. Another surprising discovery was that baboons with high cholesterol differed normal levels of the "hunger hormone" leptin. According to scientists, this may mean that the level of cholesterol and obesity are controlled by different, though related factors. [].

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