A handshake and a salad against influenza

A handshake and a salad against influenzaA handshake and a salad against influenza On the eve of the flu epidemic, Chinese scientists advise patients not to abuse drugs, and to remember the old "grandma" means. Firstly, tasty and rational feeding. To protect yourself from the virus, the body should not suffer from lack of vitamin C, which is an excellent anti-influenza drug. To prevent the flu regularly for a long time to consume no less than 500-600 mg of this vitamin. In addition, doctors prescribe their patients a salad of red peppers, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, onions and hawthorn. But that's not all. Chinese teachers remind customers about the famous acupressure. A firm handshake v enhances blood circulation, which, in turn, improves the immune system. Therefore, the Chinese advised when meeting with friends vigorously shake each other's hands, and less to think about diseases. Source: РњIGNews.

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