Soda and juice spoil the teeth

Soda and juice spoil the teethSoda and juice spoil the teeth This is the conclusion of the English dentists. Sad news for those who love soft drinks. Want to have teeth were beautiful and strong? So try to drink less juice and other drinks with sugar substitutes. This was the conclusion of the British Association of dentists. The problem in fruits, especially citrus fruits: they contain various acids destroy tooth enamel. The juices they are in a concentrated form. Particularly dangerous habit to SIP the juice, holding it in my mouth with the same success, the assurances of dentists, You could rinse the teeth of the diluted acid. And in any case you should not brush your teeth immediately after You drink a Cup of these beverages, the enamel becomes soft and can be washed off from the teeth with toothpaste. In the end, they quickly become brittle and crumble. If You find it hard to wean from drinking juices, doctors recommend to dilute them with water, to be taken only with food, but for greater security to drink through a straw, so that the teeth have got a minimum of liquid. It is a sad discovery dentists crosses their previous statements about the usefulness of juices. At one time instead of sugary drinks can cause tooth decay, they actively campaigned for the consumption of natural juices and soda with artificial sweeteners. Source:The Truth.

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