Less than a third of Russian youth use condoms

Less than a third of Russian youth use condomsOn average, about 60 percent of Russians use condoms for casual sex among young people, this figure is two times lower - no more than 30 percent. Such figures have led the head of the sexological Association "Culture and health" Sergey Agarkov, speaking on Wednesday at the 2nd all-Russian conference "Men's health". Sexologist explained that since 1994 the statistics in this sphere in Russia is not going as feasible, so experts do not have a clear picture of what is happening. The first 10 years cause trust data have been obtained only after an annual survey conducted by the Foundation for Healthy Russia" in Ivanovo, Saratov, Orenburg and Irkutsk regions. Interviewing several million people, sociologists have come to a disturbing conclusion. Only 13 percent of men treat their sexual problems to doctors, among women this figure is higher (about 50 percent). Meanwhile, the willingness to discuss these issues with experts expressed 62 percent of men and more than 80 percent of women). Thus, the problem is not medical, and communicative character. Up to 18 percent of the respondents do not can be purchased in a pharmacy or store condoms because of his shyness, and about 30 percent believe that wearing a condom is a demonstration of its willingness to numerous casual sex. The study also changed ideas about the sexual activity of Russian children. Sexual initiation occurs in 14 years at 6 per cent of adolescents 15 years of age - 15, 16 - 30, and 17 years at 55 percent. In such a situation, in equipping classrooms and training, you can invest any money - returns will not be needed outreach, involving all possible resources, including the media. Unfortunately, said Sergey Agarkov, the main policy in the field of health, including sexual, is formed on the top. And sometimes, on the basis of unclear reasons, are completely irrational action. So, starting this week in Moscow at the initiative of the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Ludmila Stebenkova will accommodate posters promoting chastity. On the posters, according to Agarkova, shows the "like a boy and a girl with not very distinct sexual orientation", the inscription reads - "Safe sex does not happen". "Adolescents such information will not react to adolescent sexual behavior characteristic of the reaction block and extreme. The desire to danger is typical teenage behavior. But a small part of teenagers suffering from various forms of hypogonadism (delayed puberty), brought up in conditions of extreme severity is their reproductive hope this action will simply be destroyed," said Sergey Agarkov. He also noted that such activities need to be undertaken after careful consultation with specialists Mednovosti.ru.

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