In Italy banned donor sperm

In Italy banned donor spermUnder the new law, which last week took the Italian Senate, on artificial insemination in the country now can rely only stable heterosexual couples suffering from infertility. From the desire to have a child now have as single women and homosexual couples. And heterosexual couples have to prove the stability of their relationship. In addition, the procedure only infertile couples. Prohibited the use of donor sperm, eggs or involving surrogate mothers. Also outside the law remains the use of the sperm of the deceased, even if they agreed to it. The procedure of fertilization will be performed only in centres with special permission, and during each procedure, the doctors will be able to create a maximum of three embryos (more embryos typically sits immediately to the mother in order to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy). As noted by officials, the new law recognizes the inherent rights of embryos. However, opponents of the document already calls it the most reactionary in Europe.

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