First aid for sprains, dislocation

First aid for sprains, dislocationFirst aid for sprains, dislocation *226r*Painful tissue damage in the joints are determined by two types of injuries - sprains and dislocation. Sprain Sprain, along with wounds, is among the most frequent injuries. Sprain receive, awkwardly stepping, stumbling or slipping. Most often it affects the ankle and knee joints. In the joint is ligament damage and rupture of blood vessels. The area of the joint swells, through the skin of the translucent blue bruise. The wounded place painful with feeling and especially when driving; however, the victim, despite the tension in the joint, can move. First aid. Each time a sprain, you need to first aid, which aims to decrease pain. First of all, the wounded joint must be immobilized for this purpose, when a small tumor can be applied elastic bandage. If there is liquid Burova, it can be used to make a compress, because this drug reduces swelling. Any stretching you need to seek help from a doctor, since such damage is not excluded crack bones. Dislocation Dislocations are less common than tension, but, on the other hand, they are more severe and painful injury. Dislocations occur in the fall, impact or excessive movement; thus there is complete displacement of the bones, so that their ends are longer in contact, ligaments and articular bag torn and one of the bone is dislocated. The most common dislocations of the shoulder joint. This dislocation is usually caused by falling on an outstretched hand. Dislocations can be easily determined by changing the appearance of the joint and on the curvature. The victim may slightly move sprained limb, but with a higher voltage, and each movement is extremely painful. The joint swells. First aid. Dislocated limb requires very careful handling. It immobilizer in the position she took after injury. On out with a twisted joint impose compress with Borovskoy fluid, if this drug is available. You cannot make any attempts to reposition the sprained limb, as any forced movement causes severe pain, and there is no guarantee in the absence of fracture. It is necessary to seek the help of a doctor..

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