Cancer patients will be treated with warm Russian

Cancer patients will be treated with warm RussianUnique device for the treatment of cancer patients aimed warm, you may be soon on "arms" the capital's hospitals. As it became known , the Moscow city Duma deputies presented a system for local hyperthermia of cancer, created a research center. Khrunichev. Similar equipment is available only in the United States and Japan. On the background of many medical units "heater" looks quite harmless - Desk and comfortable chair. Sitting in it, the patient via electrodes receives a dose of heat, which is determined by the doctors. Irradiated exactly the place that is "occupied" a malignant tumor. Managed complex through the computer. The device has been experienced in the clinic of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences in Obninsk. 246 people were from 4 to 6 sessions. The effect was very high. The cancer stopped growing in 80 percent of cases. In addition, heat treatment is much easier tolerated than traditional methods: tumor removal and chemotherapy. Urban legislators proposed "nuclear scientists" to participate in the tender for the placement of the municipal order. If the unique device will win, then the invention will appear in hospitals. MK.

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