In the US HIV-infected people were allowed to be donors

In the US HIV-infected people were allowed to be donorsOn Thursday, the Governor of the state of Illinois Rod Blagojevich (Rod R. Blagojevich signed a law allowing HIV-positive people to be organ donors. Transplantation of such bodies can be carried out only to people who are also infected with HIV. Although this document allows you to partially solve the problem of shortage of donor organs, it can cancel, as contrary to Federal law. Last prohibits all HIV-infected people to be donors. It is not known exactly how will the new law work. Experts believe that this is necessary to create a separate Bank transplant, which will only HIV-infected organs. Studies of donor material for other infections and chronic diseases will be carried out, as is done in conventional transplant. The likelihood of medical errors, the physicians did not differ from that in traditional procedures. Meanwhile, many doubt the feasibility of the new law. The transplantologists, for example, consider AIDS patients poor candidates for transplantation donor Oganov. According to some studies, after transplantation, the life expectancy of HIV-infected only decreases. Of donor organs to patients with AIDS often requires liver. Now turn on this body stretched for years. We know that this is a risky initiative, and will try to evaluate all the "pros" and "against," said Robert Murphy (Robert Murphy), a specialist from northwestern University (Northwestern University). Let's start to engage in such transfer, and, if it all works out - will not throw good bodies, and thus save the lives of many people. People dying from liver disease is a horrible sight, and the doctor is ready to do everything to help this patient." "Of course, if we would have a surplus of donor material, we would not have to worry transplantation of HIV-infected organs. But now not the case," he added. The New York Times (the Russian text of Mednovosti.Ru).

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