Psychotherapist, psychoanalyst Nikolai Nikolaevich Noritsyn

Psychotherapist, psychoanalyst Nikolai Nikolaevich NoritsynPsychotherapist, psychoanalyst Nikolai Nikolaevich Noritsyn *99r*I am a practicing psychotherapist with experience of more than twenty years, member of the Russian professional psychotherapeutic League. In 1976 graduated from the Kalinin (III former Leningrad medical Institute. He received his specialization in psychiatry, narcology and psychotherapy. He worked at the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology, Academy of Sciences, taught at the Department of psychotherapy of doctors improvement Institute, participated in the establishment of the Centre for clinical psychotherapy and psychological assistance, conducted a series of programmes broadcast live on cable TV South-Eastern administrative district of Moscow and in the same district he worked as a Medical-psychological center. My publications can be found on the pages of "Arguments and facts" (including various applications), "Novaya Gazeta", "Evening Moscow", "Psychological newspaper, magazine "Kommersant-Dengi", "Viva", "Submarine", "Nine months", "World school" and other publications. Also over the past five years published six of my books; now I am working on several. I also teach within the OPPL the Marketing course of psychotherapeutic services in Russia". In addition, of course, conduct and personal reception. My professional credo - "there are no hopeless situations!".

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