In the United States is tried for intentional contamination of AIDS

In the United States is tried for intentional contamination of AIDSCalifornia judges will be the first to apply the law of deliberate infection with HIV/AIDS. Near Sacramento, was arrested 46-year-old Ronald Jean hill (Ronald Gene Hill) after the Grand jury has recognized the need to consider his case in court. It is expected that charges will be filed Friday in San Francisco. "Due to the fact that this is the first case of this kind, it is expected a lot of difficulties, but the evidence was convincing enough for the Grand jury," said mark McNamara (Mark MacNamara), the representative of the district attorney. The relevant legislation was passed in the state in 1998 and up to this point was not used. The history of this case is as follows. Hill has infected her lover Thomas Lister (Thomas Lister), which met about five months. They discussed the issues of HIV infection, but hill said that he had a blood test and Priluki negative result. In July 2000 Lister discovered medical records, testified that hill took antiviral drugs. After Lister discovered that with, he went to court in January 2001 with a civil lawsuit, where resolved, that the hill must pay five million dollars compensation. But hill, who from 1997 to 2000 he worked in the Department of health of the city, escaped and money Lister did not see. Now hill has attracted more in a criminal case. "People lie to each other, said former attorney Lister, who represented his interests in civil lawsuit Baron Drexel (Baron Drexel). But when it comes to this case, the justification for this cannot be found". He noted that the last time I saw her client eight months ago, he looked very healthy and were not taking any medications. Mednovosti.

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