Sweets that give us melons

Sweets that give us melonsSweets that give us melons "Ate - heart mellowed." - says the proverb. This saying just about melons and watermelons. *189r*it is Difficult to say who, where and when for the first time began to eat the melon in a food. Yet more reason to be the first to think of the Egyptians. It is they who from time immemorial have started to grow melons in the valleys of the Nile river. "Portrait" melon is easy to guess the images sacrifices to the gods, discovered in ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. Was known melon and the ancient Greeks and Romans. Historians tell us that one, known for his gluttony, the Roman Emperor at Breakfast ate up to ten melons. One of the fruits of Paradise believed melon and medieval Arabs. With melon is associated with many historical curiosities. One of them happened in France with king Henry IV - the irrepressible admirer of the fruit. One after another hearty meal, the king fell ill. The court doctor can easily determine that the fault of the melon. Immediately were called dignitaries, and against the melon was filed lawsuit: melon was found guilty of insulting his Majesty and sentenced to a public curse. So in France the Royal foolish melon at a time fell into oblivion. In Russia with melon met in the second half of the XVI century. In all probability it was originally imported from Persia. Later melons were brought from England, where they were grown in greenhouses. The greenhouses were soon built in Moscow. Its popularity melon obliged sugar - it contains over 8.5 percent carbohydrates. Especially famous for charguia melon, to taste her not inferior and "farmer". Found in melon and other nutrients - vitamins, carotene, ascorbic acid, various trace elements. A lot of melons iron. Unfortunately, melon season is short, and to prolong the pleasure, people prepare her for the future. Melon marinated, dried, make candied prepare jams. On the southern markets sell dried melon in the form of tightly rolled bundles. Delicacy is not worse than candy. *188l*If melons are a lot of admirers, another melon culture - Arbuzov - probably twice that much. By the way, the word "plantation" means "garden". Originally watermelon from Africa. There is still found wild species of this plant. Hence watermelon spread around the world. Until the second half of the seventeenth century in Russia watermelons were brought from abroad. They are rarely eaten in its natural form, often preparing this delicacy: izraza watermelon into very thin slices, put them on the day liquor (soda), and then boiled the syrup with pepper and spices. The first watermelons were cultivated in the South of Russia in 1660. Watermelon is an annual plant of the family Cucurbitaceae, housee prostrate, branching stem that reaches 2-3 m or more. The fruit is a very large spherical FALSE berry with a smooth surface. The thickness of the crust of the fruit varies from 0.5 to 1.5 cm or more, the flesh is pink or red, very juicy and sweet. Some varieties have white or whitish-yellowish pulp. Watermelon is home to South Africa, where up to the present time in the Kalahari semi-desert plant found in the wild. Cultural watermelon was known to the Arabs and the Jews had for 1500 years BC. In Western Europe it appeared only in the XI-XII centuries thanks to the knights of the Teutonic knights. In Russia watermelons were recorded by the Tatars and was originally distributed in areas of the Lower Volga. The Russian name plant received from the word Barbuda that in Iranian languages means a melon or cucumber. In the mid-seventeenth century began to grow watermelons and Ukraine. In the fruit pulp has a 5.5-10.6 percent. sugar consisting of sucrose, glucose and fructose, pectin - cellulose, vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, folic acid and carotene. Seeds contain fatty oil. Usually Mature melons are eaten raw. Delicious pulp of ripe watermelon is a great dessert dish.

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