American University traded bodies bequeathed to science

American University traded bodies bequeathed to scienceAmerican University has been at the center of the scandal connected with trade bodies of people donating his body to science. It was found that some employees of educational institutions with the purpose of personal enrichment organized scheme of sale of body parts research companies for experiments. Relatives of the men, whose bodies were the subject of bargaining, addressed the court. The administration of the University of California at Los Angeles found that trade bodies and apologized for what had made such an oversight. They refused to clarify the information about when it was selling, and what was its volume. Currently accepting new bodies temporarily discontinued, the existing body are stored in refrigerators and probably will be cremated after the end of the proceedings. In connection with this case were arrested two people. First, this 59-year-old Director donation program tel Henry Reid (Henry Reid); second, a 46-year-old Ernest Nelson (Ernest Nelson), who worked in the University. By his own admission, within six years he was the intermediary receiving the bodies in the University and sold them to private companies. Currently, both released on bail, Reid for $ 20,000, and Nelson for 30000. Last managed to give an interview in which he explained that the events were known not only RAID, but also other employees of the educational institution. However, a lawyer at the University of California Lewis Merlin (Louis Marlin), rejected such accusations, calling the allegation "ridiculous". Relatives of the men, whose bodies were sold by the University, require full closure of the program in which the body remain there according to the will of man. This matter will be considered in the Supreme court.

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