Ministry of health formulates new requirements for the work of the maternity hospitals

Ministry of health formulates new requirements for the work of the maternity hospitalsThe Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation will formulate requirements to the work of the maternity and women's health clinics by the beginning of 2007. On Tuesday during the parliamentary hearings on the implementation of the priority national project "Health", said the Deputy head of the health Ministry of the Russian Federation Vladimir Starodubov. "Since the beginning of 2007, we will use the new criteria for provision of assistance to institutions of obstetrics," said he. According to him, the presentation of certain requirements of the maternity and women's health clinics will allow to increase the volume and quality of care. "We will conduct the accreditation of all obstetric facilities. If the institution does not receive, it will not work in the system of birth certificates," said Starodubov. The Deputy Minister reminded that under this program since the beginning of the next year of maternity and women's clinic will receive 5 thousand and 2 thousand, respectively, to provide all necessary assistance to the pregnant woman. Starodubov said that from the second half of 2006 salary workers medical stations will increase by an average of 2800 rubles. He noted that 40% of the allocated for each woman in the hospital 5 thousand the administration of this institution has the right to use the labor of employees, the remaining 60% can be directed to any purpose, except public utilities and capital construction. For female consultations on wages may be directed 60% from 2 thousand rubles transferred to every woman. Tools within the program of birth certificates will increase the salaries of staff in hospitals and antenatal clinics 1.8-2 times," said Starodubov. RIA "Novosti"".

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