Baby food is not suitable for children

Baby food is not suitable for childrenIt is concluded by a special Commission of pediatricians, nutritionists, gastroenterologists and other physicians, strange but true. The experts of the British Committee on food concluded: corn flakes with images of cartoon characters on the packaging, quick breakfasts with toys in boxes actually for kids are not intended. Journalists branded a disgrace producers of these goods for the disregard for the needs of the child's body. From 358 products products tested by professional nutritionists, three quarters had too high in fat, including saturated, and carbohydrates. About one-third were incorrectly marked, so that even experts found it difficult to assess their content - what to say about parents who just don't know what to feed the child. For example, ten substandard goods advertised favorite kids Barbie doll, have just one good product. Only 7% of tested food products meet stringent requirements for child nutrition. And only 1% contained on the package complete and accurate information on the composition and nutritional characteristics of the product. Therefore, a kind of "winner" became frozen vegetables. For recognition and understanding this is perhaps the most complex and unpredictable food, you never know what may pretend to be a carrot, and that you can freeze instead of beets. Perhaps we should ask the British experts on the former CIS, I wonder what percentage of the products offered here children, meets at least something? Maybe we requirements to the quality of baby food other? Maybe we care not? And may we not expensive our children? The exact answer to these questions is probably no one knows. BBC (Russian text website "rusmedikal Groups").

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