The skin is sensitive

The skin is sensitiveIn Europe, almost every third woman considers her sensitive skin. Typical symptoms are probably familiar to many: the feeling of tightening of the skin, increased irritability separate plots, red spots and points on beauty products so skin reacts completely unpredictable, today she normally carries the tool, and tomorrow it may appear red spots, sensitive skin is quite annoying and stress, and fatigue. Causes of sensitive skin This skin type is very dry by nature, that is, sebaceous glands secrete little fat. In the Horny layer is very thin and not well protects from external influences. Through it freely penetrate harmful substances. This is most often suffer blonde with fair skin, which lacks the protective pigmentation. Dermatologists accused of hypersensitive skin and external factors such as pollution, stress and cosmetics. Many women find that their skin is sensitive due to allergies. However, it is not so. Here are identical only the external symptoms. According to experts, about allergies it is only in those cases when the affected immune system. This is determined by the blood test. Allergy is recognized by the following features: it never appears spontaneously, that is never manifested immediately after the application of the new cream. Skin allergic reaction appears earliest in 3-5 hours. Sensitive skin, on the contrary, immediately responds to inappropriate new cream. The basic rules for sensitive skin care In the morning wash with warm water, in the evening, use a soft cleansing milk. The main rule that must be followed by people with sensitive skin: the fewer products to care, the better. In the morning wash with warm, almost cool water. Cold water irritates the skin and causes redness. In the evening to remove makeup and dirt with cleansing milk. Then blot the face soft toilet water. Perfect gentle two-phase liquid creams containing allantoin and powder soft impact. Allantoin is a medical drug that speeds up healing of wounds. Irritated skin it can make soft and smooth. Allantoin is found in many medications, which protects against sunburn, as it is a strong sedative effects, healing properties and no side effects. Special creams. Sensitive skin need simple care. While the skin is young, it will be quite simple cream any time of the day. Since 25 years, use the series for sensitive, stressed skin. On the packaging of such cosmetics should be specified as "hypoallergenic". These tools were tested in clinics for people with allergies, although usually cosmetics tested on people with healthy skin. Hypoallergenic cosmetics does not contain "annoying" the skin and stimulating the circulation or the formation of new cells active substances. They only have soothing and nourishing supplements. Many women believe that cosmetic products are made of natural herbal products, especially soft impact and therefore are designed for sensitive skin. This is a mistake. Some plants are very strongly irritate the skin and cause allergies. Including Arnica, pharmacy chamomile and calendula..

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