Most people in Taiwan have contracted SARS in hospitals

Most people in Taiwan have contracted SARS in hospitalsMost cases of infection with the virus of atypical pneumonia (SARS) in Taiwan is associated with hospitals. This is acknowledged in the Sunday new Minister of health Islands Chen Zanjani. According to him, most of 344 cases of infections with the deadly virus occurred in hospitals. According to Chen Sanjana, most often in Taiwan by the SARS virus infected health care workers and patients of hospitals and their relatives. The Minister said that the attack of the virus more susceptible to the islanders aged 20 to 59 years of age, who constitute the majority of the population of Taiwan. The cause of the disease a large number of Taiwanese medical staff SARS Chen Zanjani explained by poor organization of the work of hospitals and the fact that many patients hide from doctors that they're sick of atypical pneumonia. Taipei said Sunday about the death from the disease five of the islanders and admission to hospital with a diagnosis of atypical pneumonia 36 new patients. Only Taiwan SARS on the date contracted 344 people, of whom 40 died.

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