Surgeons incorrectly estimate the depth of anesthesia

Surgeons incorrectly estimate the depth of anesthesiaCompleted a large-scale international trials of the device, allowing you to control the consciousness of the patient during surgery under General anesthesia. BIS monitor is not the first year produces the Boston company Aspect Medical Systems, but the introduction of machines into practice is extremely slow. A new study answered the question of why. The choice of depth of anaesthesia is a big problem, taking into account individual response to it. Extra anesthesia is dangerous for health, especially for certain types of operations (in heart), but the lack of it is also bad. The study showed that, on average, in one out of 1000 operations under General anesthesia, patients remain conscious (and then can't remember conversations surgeons), though I can already move and speak. It is extremely painful. BIS takes the currents of the brain with electrodes fixed on the forehead, and with the help of computer analyzes them, giving opinion on the depth of the unconscious of the human condition, which makes it possible to accurately calculate the dose of anesthesia. Recent tests on BIS 2.5 thousand patients in four countries showed that with the device number of cases of conservation of consciousness during surgery is reduced by 80%. But held at the same time, the survey revealed that surgeons at different hospitals and in different countries are equally strong (five times) underestimate the incidence of inadequate anesthesia. Yes, each of the surveyed doctors somehow was sure that he had such cases are twice as less than their colleagues. Membrana.Ru.

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