New deadly form of pneumonia reached Europe and the United States

New deadly form of pneumonia reached Europe and the United StatesA new extremely dangerous form of pneumonia, which occurs warned the world health organization, rapidly spreading from Asia around the world. From an unknown disease, the first symptoms of which resemble the common cold already killed 9 people. The disease, which initially struck people mainly in South-East Asia, has already reached Europe and the United States. As Reuters reports, citing who, in Canada, a new disease has infected one family: two of them have already died, four were hospitalized. In the US doctors have officially confirmed two cases of infection in Atlanta and new York. No details not reported. One of the doctors contacted sick with pneumonia in Singapore, arriving in Europe, he came to the hospital Frankfurt. Its insulated with typical signs of the disease. High temperature is placed in the hospital by his stepmother. His pregnant wife is also insulated, although she has the symptoms of a new disease has not yet appeared. The first cases of this disease were registered in Taiwan, every day there are reports of new cases in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam. According to the latest data, the total number of patients with pneumonia in Asia for several days exceeded 100 people. In Asia take all possible security measures. According to ITAR-TASS, the airline announced that it would not be to serve passengers with symptoms of flu. They are supposed to send for examination at the nearest medical facility. Many healthy passengers voluntarily wear a gauze bandage on the face. In Japan quarantine services are on high alert. As reported in Tokyo, the Ministry of health and labour, appropriate instructions are given in airports and seaports, as well as local authorities. A team of doctors sent to gather information in Vietnam, where 30 people are infected with a mysterious disease. In Japan, it does not not show. However, according to the world health organization, China, Southeast Asia and North America affected her already up to 500 people. Preliminary results show that the virus was spread not by airborne droplets and direct contact with the patient. However, his aggressiveness is so great that in one hospital in Hong Kong a new type of pneumonia contracted part of the medical staff. Initially the new disease manifests as the common cold: the patient has a high fever, weakness, cough, and shortness of breath. But then the disease progresses rapidly in bilateral pneumonia.

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