When the pill works through the skin

 When the pill works through the skinNew contraceptive Evra, which will arrive in the coming days or weeks at the disposal of doctors and women, contains all that there is in an ordinary tablet. But it is not a pill. This "postage stamp", as our French friends, or "patch," as they say. And really, this kind of adhesive tape that delivers the body through the skin exactly the same hormones that are in modern tablets of the second generation. (By the way, and they cost almost the same - about 10 Euro per month). Thus, from a medical point of view it is the same method of contraception, with the same effectiveness and the same minor side effects (somewhat increased, especially among female smokers, the risk of thrombosis). The difference lies in the new application, which will allow you to fight the main "disease" of contraception - forgetfulness. Skip the regular tablet is a widespread phenomenon, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of contraception, as modern tablets contain very low doses of the hormone. "The patch" should be pasted on the skin only once a week. In addition, transdermique therapeutic effect occurs independently of the digestive system with its "failures", because of which the woman does not know reliably whether it is protected. Experiments have shown that the "patch" is well kept in the skin (even under extreme heat and even women, are actively involved in sports). It was necessary also to ensure that the new tool delivers in the blood sufficient amount of hormones: the manufacturer guarantees the desired effect for women weighing less than 90 kg and nakleivaya plate on the shoulder, shoulder blade, lower abdomen or buttock (it cannot be pasted on the chest in order to avoid local effect). 99% of women leather accepts a new tool. However, it is recommended each week to apply it to different areas of the body. If the skin still appears irritated enough to go (or return) to a different method of contraception. Le Soir (translation Inopressa.Ru).

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