Red need more anesthetic than all the rest

Red need more anesthetic than all the restRed need more anesthetic than all the rest Scientists have discovered another feature, unique to people with red hair: increased sensitivity to pain. According to Dr. Edwin Liema (Edwin Liem) from the University of Louisville (University of Louisville in Kentucky, redheads require approximately 20% more anesthetic than all the rest, in order to disable them pain. Speaking at a Congress of the American society of anesthesiologists, Orlando, Florida, Layem noted that anesthesiology is still not only and not so much science as art. If the patient receives insufficient dose, he can Wake up right in the middle of the operation. And if the dose slightly exceeds the required amount, it may cause complications, including death. Scientists, according to Liema, still do not fully understand how anesthetics work. However, the fact that red need more anesthesia, indicates that it has something to do with genes. Red hair is the result of mutations (or variations) receptor melanocortin 1, so scientists have been able to figure out how the Central nervous system interacts with anesthetics, and depends on what dose and what areas of the brain responsible for unconsciousness and regulate sensitivity to pain. Source: Рњembrana.

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