China has already recorded three cases of avian influenza in humans

China has already recorded three cases of avian influenza in humansThe Ministry of health of China reports first three confirmed cases of human infection with avian influenza. Experts Express extreme concern about the possible spread of avian influenza in China and its probable mutation due to the large spread of the bird and its close contact with a person. The first two cases is 12-year-old girl from Hunan province and her 9-year-old brother, said the who representative in Beijing Roy Wadia. The third case takes place in Anhui province - from bird flu died 24-year-old poultry worker. Victims of the disease while only two, 9-year-old patient was able to survive. China already has said before that 12-year-old girl, her brother and a schoolteacher who have together at the same time, showed a negative response to the H5N1 strain, but after rechecking the results of the study the government of China has changed his mind and turned to who for help. Representatives who registered the death of the girl from bird flu, but according to Roy Wadia, they have not received a confirmation because the girl's body was cremated. Also nothing is known about the status of the affected teacher. Associated Press (Russian text

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