Experts want you to stop panic about bird flu

Experts want you to stop panic about bird fluAvian influenza to date do not pose a serious threat to humans, so people should not panic about this, consider the Hong Kong experts. Speaking on Tuesday to members of the American chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, Hong Kong experts noted that premature hysteria around this issue can lead to sad results, both for the economy and for the psychological state of society. "Actually, all the latest information on avian influenza is primarily bad news for birds, not people. Avian influenza, as the name implies, it's a bird disease," stated the expert in mass communications University of Hong Kong Thomas Abraham. The first strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus that claimed over the last two years in Southeast Asia the lives of nearly 70 people, appeared right in Hong Kong in 1997. On this basis, local experts consider to be the most experienced in the fight against the virus. Читать полностью -->

Fatty foods delivers brain fun

Fatty foods delivers brain funHit in the mouth fatty foods activates brain pleasure centers. It is found, scientists trying to explain why is it so difficult to give up some products. Many researchers have studied the effects on the brain of different tastes and smells, but few have studied the reaction of the brain to the different texture of the products, such as fat cream or hardness of nuts. Ivan de Araujo and Edmund Rolls from Oxford University, has put 12 hungry people inside the unit functional magnetic resonance imaging and fed them through a straw, different kinds of food. They observed the reaction of the subjects on the absorption tasteless solution of cellulose, which had the consistency of water, corn oil, liquid syrup, and a breath of weak vegetable oil. More dense solutions activated region of the brain, which partially activates the taste of the food. Читать полностью -->


IncontinenceBedwetting (enuresis) in a child older than 3 years is usually a neurotic reaction to emotionally traumatic circumstances: the random observation of people's death in a car accident, the birth of the second child in the family that first experienced as a threat to their social status; start attending school or kindergarten, conflict with parents, etc., Also, the cause of enuresis can be a disease of the bladder, urinary tract or kidneys. Daytime incontinence in combination with the General untidiness must be a symptom of a mental illness. The cause of enuresis can be a congenital defect of the muscular apparatus of the bladder. Help: cannot scold our child and severely punished for what he did not Wake up to go to the toilet. Also, no need to Wake him in the night and offer to sit on the potty. All this will only lead to fixation of the child to his painful condition, but will not help to get rid of it. Читать полностью -->

People became infected with a dangerous disease, taking a shower

People became infected with a dangerous disease, taking a showerPeople became infected with a dangerous disease, taking a shower In the United States, hundreds of people were infected by an unknown disease. This disease is often confused with pneumonia or bronchitis, assigning the wrong treatment, while the patient's condition deteriorates. The causative agent, which is called non-tuberculous mycobacteria, destroys lung tissue. Doctors don't know exactly how infection occurs, however, the version put forward by scientists, sound intimidating: the pathogen can penetrate into the lungs of water when you take a shower. According to scientists, is still non-tuberculous mycobacteria were only in water and soil. And here lately pathogens began to penetrate into the lungs of people, affecting mainly skinny white women. Читать полностью -->

Hepatitis And came in Lipetsk region

Hepatitis And came in Lipetsk regionIn the boarding school for children with disabilities in Lecce Lipetsk region recorded outbreak of hepatitis A. this was stated by the representatives of the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor. Initially in a city hospital with a diagnosis of hepatitis a was delivered to 10 people, among them students and medical staff of the orphanage. However, according to the latest data, the number of hospitalized increased to 16 people. Currently in school working group of public health physicians and epidemiologists from the regional center. In Elets boarding school for children with disabilities in total there are about 150 children with various mental illnesses. Читать полностью -->

Number of cases of hepatitis in Nizhny Novgorod exceeded a thousand people

Number of cases of hepatitis in Nizhny Novgorod exceeded a thousand peopleThe incidence of viral hepatitis a in Nizhny Novgorod exceeded a thousand people. Since the beginning of the epidemic with the same diagnosis were hospitalized 1066 people, including 218 children aged up to 14 years. This reports the press service of the Volga-Ural regional center of civil DEFENSE and emergencies. Currently, hospitals remain 922 persons, 197 of which are children. Weekend hospital was discharged 6 people. For 19 people in connection with the refusal of hospitalization, the doctors turned the hospital at home. Читать полностью -->

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