A sudden flash of rage is associated with impaired brain function

A sudden flash of rage is associated with impaired brain functionA sudden flash of rage is associated with impaired brain function American psychologists working at the children's hospital of Philadelphia, I believe that violent acts such as beating women, can be caused by an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain. It is known that some head injuries lead to outbreaks of aggression. Doctors first began to associate uncontrolled anger with impaired functioning of the brain. The researchers measured brain function of patients at the psychiatric ward suffering from emotional unstable personality disorder (Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). It is characterized by spontaneous outbursts of anger. A group of doctors headed by Dr. Читать полностью -->

Want a boy? You will need a business woman!

Want a boy? You will need a business woman!Want a boy? You will need a business woman! Scientists from New Zealand are convinced that women employed in managerial positions, the probability of the birth of a boy is much higher. According to experts from Auckland University, the level of testosterone in the blood businesswoman slightly above normal, so the probability to give birth to light healthy boy is 80%! Dr. Valerie Grant argues that increased testosterone levels guarantee the birth of a son. 'Men have formed an opinion that it is the main link in the reproductive process. I believe that the arguments of the men a few unconvincing!' A scientist has developed a special program for moms that 'predicts' the sex of the baby. Women were asked to describe themselves using 64 keywords. Читать полностью -->

Disease drivers and womanizers

Disease drivers and womanizersDisease drivers and womanizers So with potency was all okay, try to remember its enemies in the face. One of the worst pests - a chronic prostatitis. This disease is increasingly deprives modern men joys of sex. According to various estimates, from 20 to 80 percent of men in the Prime of life" (over 20 years) suffer from prostatitis. What behaviors and lifestyle increases the chances of men getting sick? First of all, this promiscuity, which are different urogenital infections. Risk factors are considered to be a sedentary job and lack of exercise, uncontrolled use of antibiotics, alcohol, habit of wearing tight underwear. Читать полностью -->

Deficiency of vitamin K

Deficiency of vitamin KDeficiency of vitamin K occurs in adults is rare. Due to the cessation of receipt of bile into the intestine, necessary for the absorption of filhinho (when the obturation and the compression of the biliary tract), as well as chronic diseases of the bowel, accompanied by a syndrome of insufficiency of suction. There is also overdose dikumarina. Vitamin K enters the body with food and partially formed by the intestinal microflora. Clinical picture: hemorrhagic syndrome (bleeding from the nose, gums, gastrointestinal, intra-dermal, and subcutaneous hemorrhage). The diagnosis was confirmed by clinical observations (diseases that cause deficiency of vitamin K), and laboratory biochemical studies: the characteristic gipoprotrombinemiey below 30-35%, the deficit prokonvertina, and IX and X factors.. Читать полностью -->

Open bar for dealing with hangover

Open bar for dealing with hangoverOpen bar for dealing with hangover Special bar to combat the hangover opened in Mexico city. Its visitors are encouraged servings of pure oxygen and treatment with aromatherapy. To get rid of a hangover, enough for 15 minutes to breathe oxygen in combination with specially selected fragrances. As a result, in the body, says the owner, is Regency cells, and removed all toxic substances.. . . Читать полностью -->

Tens of millions of people can be saved from blindness

Tens of millions of people can be saved from blindnessTens of millions of people around the world can be saved from blindness, if effectively use existing and developing new treatment methods. This is the conclusion of ophthalmologists who participated in the program of the world Health Organization and International Agency for prevention of blindness. This program is aimed at eliminating blindness from such correctable causes and diseases such as cataract, trachoma, onchocerciasis, and vitamin A. the Successful implementation of the programme, on account of Dr. Kevin flick of the Centre of public health. Johns Hopkins University, is able to reduce the potential number of blind people by 2020 worldwide from 76 to 24 million. Читать полностью -->

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