Dynamic, mobilizing diet

Dynamic, mobilizing dietDynamic, mobilizing diet Diet is used for two or more weeks. Breakfast: Two cups of fragrant tea (without sugar). Lunch: a La Carte food fast food (energy value up to 115 kcal, with the active sports - energy value to 175 kcal). Dinner: two cups of fragrant tea.. . . Читать полностью -->

Rat-addicts lose their sense of time

Rat-addicts lose their sense of timeHemp makes rats to lose the sense of time, revealed a new study. "Drunk" rodents lose their ability to distinguish short periods of time from long. This discovery, made by Jonathan Crystals from the University of Georgia, confirms once again that fans of the "weed" from the number of people less suited to perform tasks requiring concentration. The ability of cannabis to influence the perception of time by people known. Addicts often talk about the fact that when the Smoking time is moving unusually slowly. A group of Crystal taught rats to distinguish between two - and vosmiskorostnye sounds. Читать полностью -->

facilities In Russia created new drugs from the effects of a stroke and hepatitis

facilities In Russia created new drugs from the effects of a stroke and hepatitisFar Eastern scientists today unveiled in RAS new and effective drugs from the effects of a stroke and hepatitis, based on the plants. As stated by one of the creators of medications, a scientist from the far Eastern branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Valentin Stonik at the presentation held at the conference "Fundamental science for medicine", "with the support of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences we have completed the study, recently registered in Russia and was included in the list approved for use drug drug against hepatitis". "For its manufacture our experts used the fruit of the Myrobalan tree, chebula", he added. "Now the far Eastern scientists have completed preclinical studies of a drug for treatment of stroke from cell culture leguminous plants of Maackii Amur," said Stonik. He noted that "the first results of the research showed a high effectiveness of new drugs. In addition, "created on the basis of plant medicines do not bring in the body is no "stress" and not undermine the immune system". Читать полностью -->

AIDS treatment will cost Russia too expensive

AIDS treatment will cost Russia too expensiveAIDS treatment will cost Russia too expensive By the end of the current decade AIDS treatment will cost Russia at 2-3 percent of GDP. This opinion was expressed by the permanent representative of the world Bank in Russia Julian Schweitzer. He spoke on Tuesday in Moscow at the briefing on the 57th anniversary of the founding of the UN, which was celebrated on October 24. Among the eight major goals of the United Nations, outlined by the action plan adopted at the Millennium Summit in 2000, the goal is by 2015 to stop the spread of AIDS and begun to reverse the incidence. However, according to the UN, the number of persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus, in 2001 compared to 1999 increased by 280%. Currently, patients and infected with AIDS registered in 86 out of 89 subjects of the Russian Federation. Читать полностью -->

Children, patients with cystic fibrosis need help pediatric dentists

 Children, patients with cystic fibrosis need help pediatric dentistsScientists from the medical school of the University of Newcastle (Newcastle) comparison of the frequency of dental caries, dental stones in children suffering from cystic fibrosis and in children with other chronic respiratory diseases. It is established that the frequency of the pathology of tooth enamel and staining was significantly higher in children with cystic fibrosis than in the comparison group. Additionally, when the fibrosis is more frequently met various diseases of the gums and blending of Tartar. These changes can be prevented rational use of antibiotics prolonged action and pancreatic enzymes. It is proposed to include pediatric dentists in the number of specialists who will treat children suffering from cystic fibrosis.. . Читать полностью -->

Tan saves from psychiatrists

Tan saves from psychiatristsScientists have discovered why the ultraviolet light causes the fans to sunshine, a pleasant feeling of relaxation, for which they neglect the risk of skin cancer. They argue that solar tubs relieve stress and can even replace a visit to a psychiatrist. The condition that there is a biological explanation. They conducted experiments in which a group of people turn sunbathed with identical cubicles for sunbathing, but one stall radiated ultraviolet light, and others are not. After interviewing the subjects, it was found that they felt more relaxed after visiting booths with ultraviolet light. Then, the experimenters decided to investigate the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the human body and found that when the ultraviolet irradiation of the skin cells secrete endorphins - hormones of happiness". Читать полностью -->

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