Worse for the "mouse" of the beast no

Worse for the Worse for the "mouse" of the beast no *59r*it is well Known that people who are constantly typing on a mechanical typewriter, developing joint disease. Electric typewriter, with its almost weightless keyboard, removed this problem. It seemed that this security has taken over the computer. And suddenly... Electronic "mouse" (control computer), as it turned out, can hurt "biting": first seem shiver run through his hand, then his arm to the elbow permeates sharp pain, then the hand goes numb. Describe the symptoms of "mouse bite" patients Dr. Читать полностью -->

Regulation of breathing (TNW C)

Regulation of breathing (TNW C)The purpose of the regulation of breathing is to make it quiet, smooth and smooth. Only then you will be able to make it deep, thin, long and soft, which is necessary for the successful practice of qigong. Breathing is influenced by your emotions. For example, when you are angry, your exhalation becomes stronger breath. When you're upset, you breathe harder than exhale. When you are in a calm and relaxed state, your exhale and inhale approximately equal in strength. Читать полностью -->

Veliky Novgorod unknown intestinal infection

Veliky Novgorod unknown intestinal infectionIn Veliky Novgorod epidemiologists revealed acute intestinal infection is not yet established etiology. This was reported in the Novgorod center of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision (MCSEs). In January of this year, epidemiologists have identified 102 cases of intestinal infectious diseases, the exact cause of which is unclear. Severe cases it is not fixed yet, but some of the townspeople have required hospitalization, explained in the centre. The greatest increase in incidence observed among children under three years of age. Data conducted by epidemiologists studies have suggested that diseases are viral in nature. Читать полностью -->

one Third of Russian children are born outside marriage

one Third of Russian children are born outside marriageAbout a third of all children are born outside registered, official marriages. On Thursday the Minister said Russia on matters of national policy Vladimir Zorin. According to the latest data held in the end of last year the census, 28.3 per cent of babies born in Russia, live in the so-called "civil marriage". Speaking of the census, Zorin said that this was the intention of the staff to identify the "true family and social structure of the population, which is confirmed by the "not official documents and the opinion of citizens themselves. In particular, the Minister said, for the first time in the census citizens had the opportunity to "self-identifying themselves by nationality". In the end, if in 1989 in Russia was officially registered 126 peoples, now 170 peoples, including 25 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups. Читать полностью -->

What to do if your child is frequently ill?

What to do if your child is frequently ill?What to do if your child is frequently ill? Among the diseases that primarily affects children, in the first place - colds and flu, on the second-baby infection, the third - ENT disease (otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis). Most sickly among children during the first three years of life. What could be the reason for such a frequent disease in a child? If your child doesn't get out from colds, starts sneezing and coughing from the slightest exposure to cold, check first of all whether he foci of chronic infection in the nasopharynx. Pain rhinitis, pharyngitis, constantly enlarged tonsils with purulent congestion is slowly smoldering infection that lead to chronic intoxication. Toxic substances weaken the child's immune system and prevent it from effectively resisting the disease. If your child is diagnosed with encephalopathy", if he suffered birth trauma, suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders, it is not surprising that he is often sick, he disrupted the interaction between different brain structures that affect metabolism, blood clotting, the production of immune antibodies. Читать полностью -->

Robbie Williams happy pills" rescue from depression

Robbie Williams happy pillsRobbie Williams: happy pills" rescue from depression Robbie Williams made a sensational statement saying the other day that is treated for depression. 28-year-old singer admitted that already for a long time 'sits' on the antidepressants, which are known as 'the pill of happiness'. Despite the dizzying success and signing multi-million dollar deals with record companies, the singer feel more depressed than. According to Robbie, that 'the pill of happiness' helped him to find a common language with his father Pete Conveyed. 'People think that if you are depressed, it can only be about. For me it is not covered. Читать полностью -->

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