Asian Ministers a United front against SARS

Asian Ministers a United front against SARSIn the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur held an emergency meeting of health Ministers of South East Asia. The forum has developed a uniform system of control over the spread of the SARS epidemic, which threatens to become a national disaster in each of the countries, the representatives of which participated in an emergency meeting. The Ministers came to the conclusion about the need for medical screening of all passengers passing through air and sea "gate" of South-East Asia. In case of detection of the arriving passengers symptoms of SARS, it will immediately be sent to the country of residence. Also to all travelers, especially those who belong to the citizens of one of the countries most at risk will be asked to fill out a special medical Declaration. Читать полностью -->

Scientists intend to deprive women of menopause

Scientists intend to deprive women of menopauseAmerican researchers have discovered a new mechanism of formation of egg cells in women. For several decades, it is believed that all the eggs appear in women before birth, and their reserves are not replenished. However, in the study of Americans found a special stem cells that can produce new eggs throughout their life. Thanks to this discovery, the researchers hope to affect the activity of such cells and significantly increase reproductive age women. The study leader Jonathan Tilly (Jonathan Tilly) I am sure that, if the discovery is confirmed, you will need to rewrite all the classic textbooks on reproductive biology. However, other researchers do not SPERATI to share the optimism Tilly. Читать полностью -->

hormone replacement therapy maintains visual acuity

hormone replacement therapy maintains visual acuityIt is known that the conduct of hormone replacement therapy immediately after the onset of menopause can have soudo - and neuroprotective effects. German researchers Enderlein j.M. (Wenderlein J. M.), Hensinger E. (Hensinger E.) suggested that this effect may have a positive impact in the case of visual impairment in older women. The results of their study, published in the pages of Klin. Читать полностью -->

free sale tests for home diagnosis of diseases

free sale tests for home diagnosis of diseasesSeveral companies in the USA and the UK, along, prepared to release the free sale of special sets of tests for the diagnosis of various diseases outside of the hospital. These kits contain tests for HIV, chlamydia, anemia, lactose intolerance, and some other, no less important diseases and conditions. According to the leaders of the project the developed technology allows to carry out tests and a preliminary diagnosis outside the laboratory, directly in the pharmacy, doctor's office or at home. The ease of use and low, thanks to mass production, the cost of the sets (8 - 12 pounds or 12 to $ 20), combined with the precision and speed of obtaining results that proves the great potential of the product to improve the diagnosis. These sets will be in demand not only population, but also the military, emergency services, and also be applied in developing countries. Читать полностью -->

The concept of qi

The concept of qiOver the past twenty years, the Chinese concept of qi gradually penetrated into the Western world and has gained recognition in modern medicine. Today it is believed that qi is the bioelectricity circulating in the body. Only in these twenty years in science began to emerge direction associated with the study of bioelectricity. Given the growing interest in this field of knowledge, but also to the Chinese culture, this direction is likely to flourish in the next twenty years. The most obvious signs of this are widespread acupuncture, as well as the growing popularity of qigong and tai Chi Chuan. Interestingly, the main reason of the popularity of tai Chi Chuan is not a combat and Wellness potential. Читать полностью -->

Dangerous Chinese pneumonia apply to the aircraft

Dangerous Chinese pneumonia apply to the aircraftMore than half of the passengers flying flying from new York to Singapore on Saturday were removed from a flight at Frankfurt airport, Reuters reported. The authorities of the state of Hesse (Hesse), which is Frankfurt, fear of the spread of dangerous respiratory disease, the first cases were registered in February in southern China. In this regard, one of the passengers, who was diagnosed with the symptoms of this disease, is placed in the insulator, and 155 people forced to stay in Frankfurt to quarantine. New cases of the disease, with clinical picture of pneumonia, continue to be logged around the world. Nine people, including citizens of Canada and the US have died from this disease. The passenger is placed in the insulator - Singapore doctor who before visiting the United States was treated patients with this respiratory infection. Читать полностью -->

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