In India, a girl was born with a heart squeezed in the hand

In India, a girl was born with a heart squeezed in the handIndian doctors are fighting for the life of the girl who was born with an extremely rare pathology her heart is not inside the chest, and outside. This was reported by the doctors. According to them, when the child was born, my heart was squeezed by him in the river. "The baby is fully formed external heart, which is connected veins and arteries to the internal organs and is located in the neck. She held it in his right hand, when I was born," said the doctors. According to them, it is necessary to return the heart in the chest, as it may be infected. Читать полностью -->

Dark chocolate and cocoa powder to reduce the risk of heart disease

Dark chocolate and cocoa powder to reduce the risk of heart diseaseDark chocolate and cocoa powder to reduce the risk of heart disease The next time You reach for a chocolate bar, do not be angry with yourselves for weakness. Researchers from Pennsylvania and new Jersey, USA, found that dark chocolate and cocoa powder to reduce the risk of heart disease. In the experiment, 23 volunteers were offered 2 different diets. From diet alone were excluded foods rich in flavonoids - substances, which are especially numerous in chocolate. The black list includes tea, coffee, wine, onions, apples, beans, soy, fruit juices and, of course, the actual chocolate. The second group, by contrast, received 22 g cocoa powder and 16 g dark chocolate daily. Читать полностью -->

Nutritional diseases

Nutritional diseasesWhat is the causative agent of food toxic infections? Foodborne diseases are caused by different microbes and their toxins. The most common of them are: Salmonella, pathogenic strains of Staphylococcus, enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and some other. Of foodborne disease occur when the intake of foods containing these microbes and their toxins. What is the General characteristic samodelnyh of foodborne disease? Food intoxication Salmonella and other etiology characterized by acute onset, repeated vomiting, frequent stools, watery and copious stool, often with fever and symptoms of dehydration (thirst, dry mouth, tapering face gathered into the fold of the skin bad deals, convulsions, cyanosis, a drop in blood pressure). What group of persons shall be admitted to hospital with food poisoning? Patients usually isolated in the hospital. Subject to compulsory hospitalization of patients for clinical indications (status moderate or severe) and epidemic (food and equated persons, children of preschool institutions, persons from the hostel). Читать полностью -->


PeritonitisPERITONITIS - inflammation of the peritoneum, accompanied by General symptoms of the disease organism with dysfunction of vital organs and systems. Depending on the nature of effusion distinguish serous, fibrinous, purulent, hemorrhagic, septic and fecal peritonitis. Of microbial pathogens often sown Association: stafilo, Streptococcus, E. coli, pneumatic and gonococci and a large group of anaerobic bacteria, which has recently been given more and more importance. The main causes of peritonitis acute destructive appendicitis, perforated ulcer of stomach and duodenal ulcers, acute destructive cholecystitis, diverticulitis, colon cancer or diverticulitis ileum (mckelva diverticulum), perforation of the tumor of the colon or rupture of the cecum with malignant bowel obstruction, traumatic rupture of hollow organs with closed abdominal trauma. Less peritonitis develops after surgery. Читать полностью -->

New achievements Moscow oncologists

New achievements Moscow oncologistsMoscow oncologists at the ongoing conference on Oncology, presented the latest developments in the field of photodynamic therapy. New drugs that are much more effective than imported counterparts, has produced encouraging results. Achievements of the Russian doctors are already interested in American colleagues. Cancer is not a sentence, do not cease to repeat the doctors. There is only one danger - do not make it. Incurable disease is just undiagnosed. Читать полностью -->

Men to the toilet will be to see doctors

Men to the toilet will be to see doctorsMen who are too shy to use public toilets will soon receive the help of the German doctors. Appropriate studies have started the specialists of the University in dГјsseldorf. The problem looks quite funny, but, according to statistics, the moral anguish on his way to a public toilet experience from 3 to 7% of adult men. Doctors give even such examples, when men could not go to rest or relax at the bar for fear that they will have to visit a public toilet. Now about 60 men who suffer from this disease, will be to go to the toilet together with doctors. Radio "Echo Of Moscow"". Читать полностью -->

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