Neutropenia hereditary

Neutropenia hereditaryNEUTROPENIA HEREDITARY - a group of rare hereditary diseases with an almost complete absence of blood neutrophils detected continuously (persistent neutropenia) or at regular intervals (periodic neutropenia). As a rule, the disease is inherited recessive. The pathogenesis of primary mechanisms of neutropenia is poorly understood infectious inflammatory processes due to neutropenia. The clinical picture is prone to infection (usually staphylococcal), severe alveolar Peoria since childhood (naked necks of teeth, loosening and loss). When the periodic form of the disease - fever and infection is strictly periodic and correspond to the days of neutropenia. In blood almost completely devoid of neutrophils, increased number of eosinophils and monocytes. Читать полностью -->

Soda and juice spoil the teeth

Soda and juice spoil the teethSoda and juice spoil the teeth This is the conclusion of the English dentists. Sad news for those who love soft drinks. Want to have teeth were beautiful and strong? So try to drink less juice and other drinks with sugar substitutes. This was the conclusion of the British Association of dentists. The problem in fruits, especially citrus fruits: they contain various acids destroy tooth enamel. The juices they are in a concentrated form. Читать полностью -->

the Government does not let the sick back to the country

the Government does not let the sick back to the countryThe Malaysian government banned the country's citizens abroad, to return home if they have symptoms of SARS v disease, the victims of which were about 90 people. Health Minister of Malaysia announced the restriction of entry into the country for those who may be a carrier of the virus, a few hours after the death of the first Malaysian victim of SARS. Reports of deaths caused by the SARS virus came from more than 10 countries. Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities reported that SARS has died already in total, 50 of the country's citizens.. . . Читать полностью -->

A handshake and a salad against influenza

A handshake and a salad against influenzaA handshake and a salad against influenza On the eve of the flu epidemic, Chinese scientists advise patients not to abuse drugs, and to remember the old "grandma" means. Firstly, tasty and rational feeding. To protect yourself from the virus, the body should not suffer from lack of vitamin C, which is an excellent anti-influenza drug. To prevent the flu regularly for a long time to consume no less than 500-600 mg of this vitamin. In addition, doctors prescribe their patients a salad of red peppers, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, onions and hawthorn. But that's not all. Читать полностью -->

Baboons help fight belly

Baboons help fight bellyDo not over-nutrition and lack of physical activity causes obesity and diabetes in those who are predisposed to this condition, according to the gerontology from the University of St. Louis. The researchers also found that the fat animals do not necessarily have the high cholesterol - it can mean that problems with cholesterol and obesity are caused by different mechanisms. William banks according to a study claims that people are fat not because they eat too much, and that do not spend all get calories. He and his colleagues studied the patterns of nutrition and physical activity in wild baboons in East Africa. One of the groups had to find food to make long journeys. Читать полностью -->

Fractures of the metacarpal bones and phalanges brush

Fractures of the metacarpal bones and phalanges brushWhat is the mechanism of injury and leading clinical manifestations of fracture? There is more often a result of a direct blow. Observed deformation (fractures with displacement), swelling, pain, crepitation fragments, subungual hematoma under nail fractures of the phalanges. What is emergency aid to the victim? Fractures of the phalanges chinaroot spatula, pribinova it with the palm of the hand. Fractures of multiple bones bus impose with the Palmar side of the ends of the fingers to the middle of the forearm. With open and multiple injuries patients referred to specialist trauma departments of the brush, when closed, isolated in traumatologic points.. . Читать полностью -->

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