University clinic, Heidelberg

University clinic, HeidelbergUniversity clinic, Heidelberg Medical University clinic and polyclinic: the Department of endocrinology and metabolism; General clinical and psychosomatic medicine; cardiology, angiology and pulmonology; gastroenterology, infectious disease, poisoning; Hematology, Oncology; clinical pharmacology; sports medicine. Surgical University clinic: Department of General surgery; traumatology (outpatient Department); surgical University clinic; Department of General surgery; traumatology (outpatient Department); cardiac surgery; the surgery of childhood; urology (outpatient Department); experimental surgery.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough in the creation of artificial blood

Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough in the creation of artificial bloodJapanese scientists were able to develop a new formula for artificial blood, which will eliminate the danger of viruses and is compatible with any group at its transfusion. This is an important discovery was made by a group of researchers from three major Japanese universities. The authors develop a synthetic blood were specialists from the University Waseda, Keio, and Kumamoto. As reported on Tuesday, January 27, specialists in one of the laboratories in Waseda, a new type of artificial blood can be produced on a large scale and stored for a relatively long time. Scientists from Japan have conducted experiments on animals and expect that the practical application of their development will begin in two years. To synthetic blood has already expressed interest in the number of well-known pharmaceutical companies. Читать полностью -->

In the brain found "early warning system""

 In the brain found The brain stores subconscious information about the circumstances of a dangerous situation or painful sensations, even if the man himself forgot about them. Believed to London the scientists investigating this "early warning system", if you understand its mechanism and to learn how to block, it is possible to cope with chronic pain suffered by many. Scientists from University College London described their experiment. Fourteen patients within half an hour showed a series of abstract images, followed by a small electrical discharge. After they could not remember the sequence of images, but their brain was monitored. Analyzing brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging, scientists have identified two sites, one among the basal nuclei of the ventral striatum, the other in one of the zones of a bark of the big hemispheres. Читать полностью -->

Contraceptives can cause breast cancer

Contraceptives can cause breast cancerIt turns out that the use of high-dose oral contraceptives can cause breast cancer in young women. This writes Althuis MD with colleagues in the January issue of the British Journal of Cancer 2003. A study was conducted among a large number of young women aged 20-44 years, taking a variety of oral contraceptives (OC) for 5 years. The researchers found that women who used OK containing high doses of ethinyl estradiol and progestin, the risk of getting breast cancer was higher than in those women who took low-dose OK or not accept them at all. Researchers agree that young women now just need a reliable and easy-to-use means of protection from unwanted pregnancy. And today, oral contraceptives v is just such a tool! In this regard, the doctors offer women to move to more modern, low-dose OK, the use of which reduces the chance of breast cancer. Читать полностью -->

Cow's milk is harmful to children up to year

Cow's milk is harmful to children up to  yearFrom the point of view of providing a balanced diet, it is desirable to defer the inclusion in a diet of whole milk to the time when the child turns one year. Regular consumption of cow's milk predisposes the child to dehydration and allergies to milk protein. It is established that the early inclusion in a diet of whole cow's milk can lead to iron deficiency anemia. In addition, increases the risk of developing diabetes of the first type (the most severe form of diabetes). In this regard, it is not recommended to include in the diet of children from families of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes products containing native (non-adapted) protein of cow's milk. Thus, up to 1 year of optimal food - exclusively breast milk. Читать полностью -->

Poison the Blowfish can alleviate the suffering of cancer patients

Poison the Blowfish can alleviate the suffering of cancer patientsThe toxin of Blowfish is more poisonous than cyanide. Scientists are trying to find out whether you can use it as a painkiller for hopeless cancer patients. He 3,200 times stronger than morphine, is not addictive and does not interact with other drugs. And from one fish you can get about 600 doses of the drug. The Blowfish - poisonous species of tropical fish that can inflate its body to the spherical form. Usually a simple scratch on the skin, left habraham, carries a negligible amount of neurotoxin, but it's enough to paralyze a person for a few minutes. Читать полностью -->

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