Wegener's granulomatosis

Wegener's granulomatosis's GRANULOMATOSIS WEGENER - giant cell granulomatose-necrotizing vasculitis mainly affecting the respiratory tract, lungs and kidneys. The etiology is unknown. Provoke disease acute respiratory infections, cooling, insulation, trauma, drug intolerance, and other Systemic vasculitis, extensive granulomatous reaction type necrotizing granulomas mainly in the Airways allow you to think about leading the autoimmune mechanisms of disease. The symptoms for. The disease occurs more often in men begins with lesions of the upper respiratory tract and is manifested by a persistent runny nose with serous serous, purulent discharge, nasal bleeding, signs of infection to other parts of the upper respiratory tract, and with the involvement of the tracheobronchial tree - persistent cough with bloody purulent sputum, pain in the chest. In further developing polisindromnoe clinical picture of the disease (stage generalization), accompanied by fever, migratory polyarthritis or only arthralgia and myalgia, skin lesions (including heavy deathly-ulcerative lesions of skin), lung and other Most pathognomonic appearance pneumonectomies and ulcero-necrotic rhinitis, sinusitis, nasopharyngitis and laryngitis. Читать полностью -->

New deadly form of pneumonia reached Europe and the United States

New deadly form of pneumonia reached Europe and the United StatesA new extremely dangerous form of pneumonia, which occurs warned the world health organization, rapidly spreading from Asia around the world. From an unknown disease, the first symptoms of which resemble the common cold already killed 9 people. The disease, which initially struck people mainly in South-East Asia, has already reached Europe and the United States. As Reuters reports, citing who, in Canada, a new disease has infected one family: two of them have already died, four were hospitalized. In the US doctors have officially confirmed two cases of infection in Atlanta and new York. No details not reported. Читать полностью -->

Surgeons incorrectly estimate the depth of anesthesia

Surgeons incorrectly estimate the depth of anesthesiaCompleted a large-scale international trials of the device, allowing you to control the consciousness of the patient during surgery under General anesthesia. BIS monitor is not the first year produces the Boston company Aspect Medical Systems, but the introduction of machines into practice is extremely slow. A new study answered the question of why. The choice of depth of anaesthesia is a big problem, taking into account individual response to it. Extra anesthesia is dangerous for health, especially for certain types of operations (in heart), but the lack of it is also bad. The study showed that, on average, in one out of 1000 operations under General anesthesia, patients remain conscious (and then can't remember conversations surgeons), though I can already move and speak. Читать полностью -->

Most people in Taiwan have contracted SARS in hospitals

Most people in Taiwan have contracted SARS in hospitalsMost cases of infection with the virus of atypical pneumonia (SARS) in Taiwan is associated with hospitals. This is acknowledged in the Sunday new Minister of health Islands Chen Zanjani. According to him, most of 344 cases of infections with the deadly virus occurred in hospitals. According to Chen Sanjana, most often in Taiwan by the SARS virus infected health care workers and patients of hospitals and their relatives. The Minister said that the attack of the virus more susceptible to the islanders aged 20 to 59 years of age, who constitute the majority of the population of Taiwan. The cause of the disease a large number of Taiwanese medical staff SARS Chen Zanjani explained by poor organization of the work of hospitals and the fact that many patients hide from doctors that they're sick of atypical pneumonia. Читать полностью -->

Drugs will rise from the first of December

Drugs will rise from the first of DecemberDrugs will rise from the first of December Tomorrow shall come into force new rules for certification of drugs, and this will significantly increase costs to producers, according to "Echo of Moscow" . Accordingly, prices will again rise. This was stated by Deputy health Minister Anton Kotlinski. According to the Deputy Minister, the rise in price will be negligible. However, the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products claim that, at a conservative estimate, after the introduction of the new rules of certification of imported medicines increases of 30 and Patriotic - 10 percent. Source: Mednovosti.ru. Читать полностью -->

The skin is sensitive

The skin is sensitiveIn Europe, almost every third woman considers her sensitive skin. Typical symptoms are probably familiar to many: the feeling of tightening of the skin, increased irritability separate plots, red spots and points on beauty products so skin reacts completely unpredictable, today she normally carries the tool, and tomorrow it may appear red spots, sensitive skin is quite annoying and stress, and fatigue. Causes of sensitive skin This skin type is very dry by nature, that is, sebaceous glands secrete little fat. In the Horny layer is very thin and not well protects from external influences. Through it freely penetrate harmful substances. This is most often suffer blonde with fair skin, which lacks the protective pigmentation. Читать полностью -->

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