In America are allowed to use a hormonal drug that killed seven children

In America are allowed to use a hormonal drug that killed seven childrenAmerican control of food and drug products Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow healthy children to use the growth hormone - drug Humatrope Lilly, Reuters reports. The hormone will be offered a 10-year-old boys and girls below 120 cm, expected growth, which is less than 160 and 150 cm, respectively. The decision to allow the drug was taken in June. Manufacturer medication Lilly stated that this measure is of great social importance: low growth is often a cause of ridicule by other children and adults can interfere with normal social life. According to the results of clinical trials, side effects from the use of hormonal drug Humatrope are rare and limited to pain in the joints. When this hormone increases growth of children in average by 4 centimeters, and in some cases 8-10 inches, which allows to reach the normal values for twenty years. Читать полностью -->

Dutch soldiers in Iraq had contracted an unknown virus

Dutch soldiers in Iraq had contracted an unknown virusAccording to representatives of the command of the Dutch battalion, on the night of Monday to Tuesday immediately the several tens of soldiers began vomiting and diarrhea. The doctors explain the disease by infection with an unknown virus that reproduces actively in the post-war conditions in the absence of normal water and sanitation activities. Virus activity also contributes to high summer temperatures that reach into the wilderness to 50 degrees. Already two weeks approximately 700 Dutch soldiers are in the southern part of Iraq, in the desert province of al-Muthanna on the border with Saudi Arabia. Only in Iraq planned to place 1 100 Dutch troops. The Dutch battalion is located in the area controlled by the British forces. Читать полностью -->

School canteens planting of acute intestinal infections

School canteens planting of acute intestinal infectionsLast week registered in the region of 165 cases of acute intestinal infections (AII). So, in two schools in the region OKA infected children. Such a diagnosis doctors put five students bologovsky secondary school N1 and ten pupils of lower secondary school N1 of the city of Zubtsov. According to the regional center of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision, in both cases, the cause of the disease was the observance of sanitary rules in school canteens. Violators fined, held disinfection of the premises to the kitchen and utensils, reports Tverskaya zhizn. REGIONS.RU. Читать полностью -->

Pills for Thai slimming contain psychotropic substances

Pills for Thai slimming contain psychotropic substancesFor three months of the work of the regional Department of the Federal drug control service of Russia on the Krasnoyarsk territory were withdrawn from illegal circulation 17.6 kilograms of drugs, 158 filed criminal cases, more than 20 of which have been investigated and sent to court for consideration, RIA "Press Line". The Department of supervision of legal turnover of drugs sent for examination, a large batch of "Thai" tablets seized from a resident of Krasnoyarsk, which supplied these pills want to experience Thai weight loss. These tablets may contain strong or psychotropic substances, the turnover of which is prohibited or restricted. If this is true, then the owner of the tablets will be prosecuted in accordance with the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. Achinsk city court considered the first criminal case, the investigation which was conducted by the staff of the investigative service of the regional Department of the STC. The defendant for illegal acquisition and storage of 0.4 grams of heroin sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment with a probation period of 2 years. Читать полностью -->

In China there was a plague

In China there was a plagueIn North-West China registered an outbreak of bubonic plague, the victims of which are already at least 8 people. However, the authorities claim that the situation is already under control. According to official information sources of the pathogen deadly diseases rodents consumed by Chinese people for food. For unknown reasons, while in some regions there has been a sharp increase in their population, which led to the dissemination among them of the disease, later "exchanging" on people. However, it should be noted that now the bubonic plague is not the danger she was in the Middle ages. "We almost every year we get reports that in one way or another Asian country registered a number of fatal cases of this disease, told the press-Secretary of the world Health Organization Roy Wadia. Читать полностью -->

the WTO has allowed poor countries to import cheap drugs

the WTO has allowed poor countries to import cheap drugsThe General Council of the world trade organization (WTO) in Geneva approved an agreement that will allow poor countries to import cheap drugs for AIDS and tuberculosis. The agreement called one of the most important decisions of the WTO. The liberalization of the patent rules, the approved agreement will enable poor countries to buy and to produce cheaper versions of the most effective drugs to combat serious diseases. Until recently, the main obstacle to the adoption of the agreement was the position of the United States, declaring that the refusal of patents undermine the position of the large pharmaceutical companies working on the creation of new medicines. Many effective drugs patents are valid for 20 years that prohibits them up in the form of cheaper "generic" forms. The principle, according to which developing countries would get access to cheap medicines against AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other serious diseases, was developed two years ago. Читать полностью -->

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