Dependence on insulin for diabetes increases the risk of stroke

Dependence on insulin for diabetes increases the risk of strokeDependence on insulin for diabetes increases the risk of stroke Suffering from insulin dependent diabetics are at higher risk for cerebral bleeding than healthy people. The results of such studies conducted in the UK for 17 years, were published in the journal of the American heart Association. In particular, 4% of 23.751 thousand patients with diabetes, a condition which was observed by scientists, died of a stroke before age 40, and another 8% after reaching 40 years of age. More than 2 million people in the U.S. suffer from diabetes with insulin dependence, the most severe of the existing forms of diabetes. More than 150 million people suffer from different forms of this disease worldwide.. Читать полностью -->

Orange peel how to get rid of it

Orange peel how to get rid of itOrange peel: how to get rid of it As the summer winds down, in the office appear tanned colleagues, show your vacation photos... would You also showed them a photo of your wonderful holiday, but on all my photo you can see the cellulite. Surprisingly, the magazine "Health" ever wrote. Thank you Anna Burda: enlightened us. Now before heading to the beach we carefully study the "problem areas" and find out, Oh, it would be better not to even look... Cellulite is fat. Читать полностью -->

Open the neurons, allowing to perceive new sounds

Open the neurons, allowing to perceive new soundsA new discovery made by scientists at the University of Washington and the University of Salamanca explains the human ability not to take the ticking of the clock and the hum of the motor. A group of Spanish and American neurologists discovered neurons that respond exclusively to new, unusual sounds, allowing mammals, in that the number of man, not to be distracted by monotonous repetitive sounds. "New detector neurons is able to stop the transmission of electrical impulses in the case of repetition of the same sounds or sound and quickly resume when changing, writes The European Journal of Neuroscience. The study of neurons was performed on rats, scientists at Washington University and researchers from the University of Salamanca (Spain). Previously, these neurons were found in the brain of the frog, in mammals, they discovered for the first time. The researchers believe that a similar detector neurons are present in the brains of all mammals, including humans. Читать полностью -->

From TV children swollen

From TV children swollenFrom TV children swollen American scientists have found that this miracle of technology, such as TV, nestled in front of the crib in the nursery operates on figures kids worse crisps, cakes and sweets. Spending hours dazed and half-asleep in front of the screen, the kids get fat by leaps and bounds. It is only in the paintings of Renaissance artists plump cellulite angels cause tenderness and a sense of aesthetic pleasure. And to have such plump creature as their native Chad's parents for some reason doesn't want to. But, it turns out that many kids-preschoolers have a distinct excess weight, guilty sometimes parents themselves, who from an early age taught their offspring to the various benefits of civilization. So, conducted by American scientists, the study found that among children of preschool age, in whose bedroom a place of honor is the TV, the fat guys much more than among those looking at the TV "on a General basis, i.e. Читать полностью -->

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