The British demand to ban the vaccine that causes autism

The British demand to ban the vaccine that causes autismThe British demand to ban the vaccine that causes autism The British public made a call to ban vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, which make newborn, reports BBC News. This vaccine is administered to infants older than eight weeks. There were concerns that mercury component vaccines thiomersal causes the development of autism. Representatives of the Ministry of health in the United Kingdom reported that the reason for concern and no vaccine is safe for children. In the course of recent research due to vaccination with the development of autism and brain disorders were found. However, inspection of the USA and the European Union for security purposes recommended to stop using mercury component. Читать полностью -->

Preoperative preparation for operations in the abdominal wall and abdominal organs

Preoperative preparation for operations in the abdominal wall and abdominal organsHow is the preparation for an operation for abdominal hernia? Special training require patients with long-existing large hernias, in which the hernia SAC is composed of the abdominal organs. The reduction of these organs in the abdominal cavity causes a pressure increase, the offset and the rise of the diaphragm, which complicates the activity of the heart and lungs. When the preoperative preparation of patients within a few days of training; laid in bed with omitted major head end and after reset internal TEI on the area of the hernia gate put cargo - wrapped towel plastic bag with sand, taught the organism to increase intra-abdominal pressure are of Great importance purgation of laxatives, enemas, and an appropriate diet, because after these interventions sometimes paresis of the intestine. How is the preparation for surgery on the stomach? Preparation is determined by the General condition of the patient (dehydration, exhaustion, anemia), the nature of the disease (ulcer, cancer, polyp), acidity of gastric juice. Before the operation the patient is transferred on a diet that creates a minimum of impurities. With reduced acidity prescribed gastric acid or hydrochloric acid with pepsin. Читать полностью -->

The European Commission allocates funds to fight cancer

The European Commission allocates funds to fight cancerThe European Commission allocates funds to fight cancer on September 19, the representative of the European Commission has announced the allocation of over 4 years 400 million euros on research related to the fight against cancer. As stated by the European Commissioner for science Philip Busken, "this is one of the priorities of the new research program of the European Union". He noted that the allocated amount may seem modest compared to the costs of the USA in this area. However, Busken expressed the hope that these funds will help to focus the efforts of the member countries of the EU to accelerate research in this area. As RIA "Novosti", Busken made at the meeting in Brussels of the European conference on the fight against cancer. The forum participants - 250 largest European specialists in this field discussed how to make this work in a more coordinated across the EU. Читать полностью -->

Crossing the legs keeps the mind clear

Crossing the legs keeps the mind clearCrossing the legs keeps the mind clear To solve the problem often falling into a swoon, people took scientists from Amsterdam. They rejected the idea of creating drugs and expensive surgical techniques and suggested that the patients simply crossing your legs. It turned out that such a simple action can often prevent or delay loss of consciousness. The method has already been successfully tested on volunteers. To participate in the study agreed 20 people who suffer frequent vasovagal fainting. As explained by scientists, in this state, the blood left in the veins of the lower extremities and does not flow to the heart, leaving, therefore, the brain is without oxygen. Читать полностью -->

Italian neirokhimii found deep source of love

Italian neirokhimii found deep source of loveScientists do not leave attempts algebra to solve the mystery of love. This time the Italian researchers made a statement that he found her core source. They, in their opinion, is the so-called growth factor nerve (NEF), responsible for the normal development and maintenance of neurons in the nervous system. Moreover, unromantic scientists came to the conclusion that his powerful, dizzying effect does not last long. It takes place one year after the first pulse of love - presumably at the same time, when the lovers begin to notice that their feelings does not close the cap of a tube of toothpaste. In the opening two sides of the coin. Читать полностью -->

A new era in the fight against malaria

A new era in the fight against malariaA new era in the fight against malaria Malaria is an acute infectious disease transmitted to humans through mosquito bites. It is called malarial Plasmodium, is one of the periods of development which takes place in the digestive system of the insect. American genetics bred species of the Anopheles mosquito, which is safe for humans. They included the hereditary information of an insect gene SM1, blocking the development of malaria parasite in the body of the insect, which prevents it from getting into the human body. Offspring Lкомара-mutantВ¦ becomes non-hazardous for people. "It's done a new way - the more opportunities malaria, the better," said Professor Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena (Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena), who led the work, which was carried out on the basis of the University Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio. Читать полностью -->

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