Scientists have found how to drink coffee

Scientists have found how to drink coffeeCoffee really helps to deal with sleeping on the job, but most people do not know how to properly drink. American scientists have found that for greater health in all day coffee should constantly sipping. Those who drink in the morning several cups of coffee, do not achieve the same effect, because over time the level of caffeine in the brain is reduced, and a person begins to feel sleepy. To confirm this hypothesis, the scientists during the month was observed for 16 men. Half of them were given pills caffeine, others with the same regularity dummy. The performance of the representatives of the first group was significantly higher. Читать полностью -->

System of torture in Iraq was developed by American doctors

System of torture in Iraq was developed by American doctorsThe American medical Association (American Medical Association - AMA) insists that in the near future was the investigation of the torture of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, which involved American doctors, says BMJ. A copy of the letter AMA got Donald Rumsfeld (Donald Rumsfeld), the British medical Association British Medical Association - BMA) and the Foundation for the protection of victims of torture (Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture). Evidence that doctors are guilty of these events appeared in Taksim year in journals New England Journal of Medicine (2004;351: 415-6) and The Lancet (2004;364: 725-9). In publications reported that doctors were directly involved in torture, and developed "methods of physical and psychological effects on prisoners.". . . Читать полностью -->

Dynamic, mobilizing diet

Dynamic, mobilizing dietDynamic, mobilizing diet Diet is used for two or more weeks. Breakfast: Two cups of fragrant tea (without sugar). Lunch: a La Carte food fast food (energy value up to 115 kcal, with the active sports - energy value to 175 kcal). Dinner: two cups of fragrant tea.. . . Читать полностью -->

Rat-addicts lose their sense of time

Rat-addicts lose their sense of timeHemp makes rats to lose the sense of time, revealed a new study. "Drunk" rodents lose their ability to distinguish short periods of time from long. This discovery, made by Jonathan Crystals from the University of Georgia, confirms once again that fans of the "weed" from the number of people less suited to perform tasks requiring concentration. The ability of cannabis to influence the perception of time by people known. Addicts often talk about the fact that when the Smoking time is moving unusually slowly. A group of Crystal taught rats to distinguish between two - and vosmiskorostnye sounds. Читать полностью -->

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