Silicone is returned, for how long?

Silicone is returned, for how long?Silicone is returned, for how long? The hype around silicone continues. This time the silicone, are prohibited from use in 1992 due to the large number of complications, completely rehabilitated. It happened at the Congress of representatives of aesthetic surgery held in new York at the Hilton hotel. A bit of history. The silicone was banned in 1992. The reason for this was the cases of brain tumor development and lung cancer as a result of rupture of a silicone implant. Читать полностью -->

Capital children are injured more often than other

Capital children are injured more often than otherIn Moscow, the highest in the country, the rate of injuries. This was announced today by the acting head of the 20-th Moscow trauma clinic Razmik Kesiman. Annually in the emergency room of the capital are about 50 thousand children, of which 4 thousand - hospitalized, said Kesiman. "In 90% of cases to blame the adults," says the doctor. Most injuries occur on roads. According to statistics, every year in the capital in a traffic accident killed up to 200 young pedestrians from the main age group of risk - 7-14 years. Читать полностью -->

Your age from to years old

Your age from  to  years oldFor women this period from 45 to 60 years is the most critical. If you are 45, your body prepares for "biological activities", i.e. to menopause. If you are over 50 years of age, for this age, after menopause, characterized by metabolic disorders, deterioration of the skin, hair loss, various functional disorders. During this period, most emerge out of various diseases and it is... the best time to think about the renewal of their youth. Читать полностью -->

Cystic skid

Cystic skidCYSTIC DRIFT is a kind of changing of the chorion, reflected in the sharp increase in the size of the villi, which are formed during pozaricaaldesnudo expansion. Cystic drift can capture the entire chorion (full vesical drift) or part (partial hydatidiform drift). It is assumed infectious, hormonal, genetic Genesis of this disease. Usually occurs in women aged 20-30 years. The symptoms for. There is a delay menstruation for 2-3 months or more, against which appear spotting caused by the exclusion of bubbles drift. Читать полностью -->

Worse for the "mouse" of the beast no

Worse for the Worse for the "mouse" of the beast no *59r*it is well Known that people who are constantly typing on a mechanical typewriter, developing joint disease. Electric typewriter, with its almost weightless keyboard, removed this problem. It seemed that this security has taken over the computer. And suddenly... Electronic "mouse" (control computer), as it turned out, can hurt "biting": first seem shiver run through his hand, then his arm to the elbow permeates sharp pain, then the hand goes numb. Describe the symptoms of "mouse bite" patients Dr. Читать полностью -->

Regulation of breathing (TNW C)

Regulation of breathing (TNW C)The purpose of the regulation of breathing is to make it quiet, smooth and smooth. Only then you will be able to make it deep, thin, long and soft, which is necessary for the successful practice of qigong. Breathing is influenced by your emotions. For example, when you are angry, your exhalation becomes stronger breath. When you're upset, you breathe harder than exhale. When you are in a calm and relaxed state, your exhale and inhale approximately equal in strength. Читать полностью -->

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