What you should know about bathing

What you should know about bathingWhat you should know about bathing *187r*One of the greatest pleasures of summer season is swimming in open water. Not by chance, we try to spend a holiday by the sea. Otherwise, when choosing a holiday destination, we are primarily interested in the presence of chosen us place a river, lake or estuary. And doing a right thing, because water treatment is not only pleasant but also useful for health. Swimming in open water strengthens the cardiovascular and nervous system, improves metabolism, is an effective way of hardening of the body. However, to begin to swim in open water when the air temperature of 22-23В°C and the water is not below 18-20В°. Читать полностью -->

Chrysolite (olivine, peridot)

Chrysolite (olivine, peridot)Chrysolite (olivine, peridot) *138r*Mineral of the garnet family, olive, yellowish-green or Golden color. Balances and heals the physical and emotional body. It normalizes the heart activity and blood pressure. Treats nervous system. Provides clean energy to the heart and navel chakras. Very good for colds, diseases of the eyes and spine. Читать полностью -->

First aid for sprains, dislocation

First aid for sprains, dislocationFirst aid for sprains, dislocation *226r*Painful tissue damage in the joints are determined by two types of injuries - sprains and dislocation. Sprain Sprain, along with wounds, is among the most frequent injuries. Sprain receive, awkwardly stepping, stumbling or slipping. Most often it affects the ankle and knee joints. In the joint is ligament damage and rupture of blood vessels. The area of the joint swells, through the skin of the translucent blue bruise. Читать полностью -->

In Italy banned donor sperm

In Italy banned donor spermUnder the new law, which last week took the Italian Senate, on artificial insemination in the country now can rely only stable heterosexual couples suffering from infertility. From the desire to have a child now have as single women and homosexual couples. And heterosexual couples have to prove the stability of their relationship. In addition, the procedure only infertile couples. Prohibited the use of donor sperm, eggs or involving surrogate mothers. Also outside the law remains the use of the sperm of the deceased, even if they agreed to it. Читать полностью -->

Less than a third of Russian youth use condoms

Less than a third of Russian youth use condomsOn average, about 60 percent of Russians use condoms for casual sex among young people, this figure is two times lower - no more than 30 percent. Such figures have led the head of the sexological Association "Culture and health" Sergey Agarkov, speaking on Wednesday at the 2nd all-Russian conference "Men's health". Sexologist explained that since 1994 the statistics in this sphere in Russia is not going as feasible, so experts do not have a clear picture of what is happening. The first 10 years cause trust data have been obtained only after an annual survey conducted by the Foundation for Healthy Russia" in Ivanovo, Saratov, Orenburg and Irkutsk regions. Interviewing several million people, sociologists have come to a disturbing conclusion. Only 13 percent of men treat their sexual problems to doctors, among women this figure is higher (about 50 percent). Читать полностью -->

Neutropenia hereditary

Neutropenia hereditaryNEUTROPENIA HEREDITARY - a group of rare hereditary diseases with an almost complete absence of blood neutrophils detected continuously (persistent neutropenia) or at regular intervals (periodic neutropenia). As a rule, the disease is inherited recessive. The pathogenesis of primary mechanisms of neutropenia is poorly understood infectious inflammatory processes due to neutropenia. The clinical picture is prone to infection (usually staphylococcal), severe alveolar Peoria since childhood (naked necks of teeth, loosening and loss). When the periodic form of the disease - fever and infection is strictly periodic and correspond to the days of neutropenia. In blood almost completely devoid of neutrophils, increased number of eosinophils and monocytes. Читать полностью -->

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