Closed all schools in Greece

Closed all schools in GreeceClosed all schools in Greece Today in Greece by order of the Ministry of health because of the threat of an epidemic of an unknown disease are closed all educational institutions. How long will last this quarantine is still unknown. The Ministry appealed to the public with an appeal not to panic, to avoid crowded gatherings indoors and carefully observe the rules of personal hygiene. The reason for such emergency measures was the threat of the spread of an unknown virus that causes interruptions in the work of the heart and possible death. However, according to the head of the Ministry of healthcare Alex Papadopoulos, all educational institutions are closed only in a purely preventive purposes." The solution is matured after before another 13 people were hospitalized with symptoms of inflammation of the heart muscle. However, it is difficult to name just prevention desperate attempt to prevent the further spread of the disease, which has already died three people. Читать полностью -->

EU trade of donor organs will be fully prohibited

EU trade of donor organs will be fully prohibitedThe European Parliament began considering a new bill providing for the introduction of additional restrictions on the commercial use of donor organs. If it is adopted, the trade of donor organs within the European Community will be completely stopped. According to the current laws, the sale of donor organs in the territory of the EU is considered a crime for which bear the punishment is punishment and the seller and the buyer. However, the existing legislation does not prevent European citizens to acquire the necessary bodies abroad. As a consequence, many require transplantation of people make a deal in India or China, and then return to their home country to undergo surgery. The new bill will have to cover up this "loophole". Читать полностью -->

Farmers sell their own organs for transplantation

Farmers sell their own organs for transplantationFarmers sell their own organs for transplantation Poverty pushes peasants of Pakistan to sell their organs for transplantation. Only in one area of the city Sargodha (Punjab province) registered 400 cases of such transactions, the newspaper "UNV". The country has a strict law that prohibited to use the bodies of dead people, because it violates the canons of Islam. But such restrictions have long since been lifted in several Muslim countries. Doctors and progressive public of Pakistan look to the future government, which must be formed within a week demanding urgent ban on transplantation "bought" bodies. Meanwhile, according to official data, almost 40% of Pakistan's population lives below the subsistence minimum, i.e., has less than $30 per month per person. Читать полностью -->

Died an American, asking the liver using billboards

Died an American, asking the liver using billboardsDied 32-year-old American, whose family was looking for a liver for transplantation using all media, and outdoor Billboard advertising, the Associated Press reports. The Toda of Krampitz (Todd Krampitz) in may 2004 he was diagnosed with liver cancer, and in July, the doctors announced that he will save him only the transplantation of a donor organ. The official queue to wait for a very long time - in the United States every day need a transplant about 70 patients, and 16 of them die waiting for a suitable organ. That is why the family decided to take a desperate step, which was crowned with success. In August last year, the family of one of the dead Americans were allowed to use the liver for transplant todo. The operation was successful, but after 8 months of Krampitz died, and it remained unclear was whether the death was a consequence of post-transplant complications, or did the trick liver cancer. Читать полностью -->

Three glasses of wine a day will save you from Alzheimer's disease?

Three glasses of wine a day will save you from Alzheimer's disease?Although there are data about the relation of moderate alcohol consumption with a reduced risk of dementia, most of these of these studies were conducted in Europe. Therefore, it is unclear whether the same pattern and in older Americans, the culture of alcohol which may be different from the European. Dr. Richard Mayo and his colleagues at Columbia University in new York analyzed data from nearly thousands of elderly residents of Manhattan in the period between 1991 and 1996 In the beginning of the study cases of dementia have been identified. Over the next 4-year period, 20% of them developed Alzheimer's disease. Compared with nondrinkers, the risk of disease in the drink up to three glasses of wine per day was lower by almost two times. Читать полностью -->

Tomatoes protect men from prostate cancer

Tomatoes protect men from prostate cancerTomatoes protect men from prostate cancer The so-called "Mediterranean diet", which includes a variety of tomato sauces and other dishes are tomato-based, highly effective against such common diseases as cancer of the prostate. This convinced the doctors from New Zealand, after the appropriate research. According to them, men whose diet every day are tomato soup, topped with ketchup spaghetti and other dishes, 18 percent less cancer of the prostate. Scientists believe that all the matter contained in tomatoes antioxidants that protect the body from cancer. Source: Solvay-Pharma. . Читать полностью -->

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